Nana Owiredu Wadie I to be Honoured As “WODIF State Commissioner” of Ghana

The supreme sovereign authority of the World Diplomatic Federation “WODIF” in the United States has appointed Nana Owiredu Wadie I as the State Commissioner of Ghana. 

The Provost Commissioner of Africa, His Rt Noble Lord Nana Obokom ATA IX, sent a delegation led by Her Ladyship Lilian Afreh-Sika Boateng, Secretariat Commissioner General.

He, as a result, accepted the proposal for the impending induction in January next year. The invitation is strictly based on one or more of the following accomplishments: involvement in community development programs/events, exceptional voluntary services, health and legal aid, civil society, traditional know-how, dispute settlement, youth and student support initiatives which have won him the accolade to work with our corporate organization as the STATE COMMISSIONER after the inaugural induction is held.

The World Diplomatic Federation (WODIF) is a nonpartisan, independent civil organization dedicated to international cooperation hitherto founded to create a diplomatic platform for economic growth and development through forums, conferences, dialogues, festivals, honorary award ceremonies, trade, finance, and investment integration, national cooperation and liberalization, managing international relations hence sustaining peace and security and managing, negotiating and resolving conflict.
WODIF is subject to projecting, promoting, and strengthening democracy, albeit to subverting dictatorial rule among nations, in accordance or conformity to rules and regulations about the United Nations and other international related organizations' core values by individuals whose presence raise honor to deal with world affairs of whiich Nana Wadie I is one of a kind. 

A pivotal aspect of fellowship lies in the extensive networking opportunities it offers, allowing connections to be forged at various levels within the global fellowship community. The organization is registered in Newberg, Oregon, USA, having its Missionary Bureau in Ghana, aiming at inviting affluent, influential magnates and moguls from all walks of life into fellowship(Membership).

Membership is strictly by invitation after a thorough investigation is done on you, justifying your holistic personality without criminal records before induction into fellowship. WODIF has done thorough background checks on Nana Wadie I and has respectfully nominated, vetted, and approved the businessman for the position of the STATE COMMISSIONER of Ghana, awaiting a day of beckoning the inaugural ceremony at the Accra International Conference Center on the 13th of January 2024.

The organization has the privilege of inviting Entrepreneurs, Business moguls, Lawyers, Bankers, Physicians, Engineers, Security Experts, Medical/Health Scientists, Philanthropists, and high-profile Journalists to its membership. 

Today's world needs the support of individuals and corporate societies to champion the cause of challenges facing communities and it is in this regard that the Supreme Sovereign Authority of the “WORLD DIPLOMATIC FEDERATION (WODIF) has reverentially bestowed on him a special honorary title as “His Honor” Nana Owiredu Wadie I as the Diplomatic Chief Bureaucrat, ultimately responsible for all the programs in Ghana, in a capacity to represent, preserve, protect, defend, strategize, evaluate and assess the performance of the national bureau of the organization under the administration of the SECRETARIAT COMMISSIONER.

The prime purpose of this Federation is to establish a common platform that will bring together excellent achievers around the world to address international issues with one voice. Nana Wadie’s invitation to join ‘WODIF’ is with the expectation that he will bring aboard his expertise knowledge and experience to bear on relative issues.

Profile of Nana Owiredu Wadie I

Nana Owiredu Wadie I, Kwahu-Nkwatia Nkosuohene, known in private life as Richard Kwasi Owiredu Wadie, is a businessman and philanthropist who believes in spreading the love of God through sustainable social interventions and community development programs.

Through his charity organization, Kabaka Foundation, he undertakes several philanthropic endeavours to ensure sustainable development in many communities across many sectors.In 2022, Nana Owiredu Wadie I made notable contributions to the realms of security, peace, and justice. This included constructing and gifting a 16-unit Police Bungalow to the Kwahu-Nkwatia Police Station. 

Furthermore, a new Toyota Hilux was presented as a Patrol car for Kwahu-Nkwatia, and a court complex valued at 3 million was donated to the Kwahu East District, situated in Kwahu-Nkwatia. Nana believes in the importance of justice and security in promoting socio-economic development, and these projects will ensure Peace and Security in the Eastern Region. 

Furthermore, it proves his willingness and tendency to support Eastern Regional Peace Council programs.In the field of education, Nana has recently completed and donated a 50-seater Smart lab and e-library facility for St. Peter’s Senior High School, Kwahu-Nkwatia, and has recently granted an orphan a full scholarship to study in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. 

He has also donated school uniforms and bags to children in the Kwahu-Nkwatia D/A Basic School. On 1st October 2023, Nana Owiredu Wadie I cut the sod for the construction of a 3,500-capacity Assembly Hall for St Peter’s Senior High School, Kwahu-Nkwatia, which will be constructed by his charity organization, the Kabaka Foundation. 

These projects were all done in 2022 and are a manifestation of Nana's belief in the importance of education in shaping up the leaders of tomorrow and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-4, which is ensuring Quality Education. 

In less than two years, Nana Owiredu Wadie I successfully constructed and inaugurated a fully furnished, state-of-the-art multi-purpose Mother and Baby Unit Complex, encompassing a dedicated Mother Care Excellence Centre with a Nursing mothers’ hostel, conference room, and doctors’ offices for the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua, as a donation to the entire Eastern Region of Ghana. In 2022, Nana Owiredu Wadie I renovated and refurbished the current NICU department, created two special maternity rooms at the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua, and regularly donates items to the hospital and mothers and their kids on admission at the NICU and maternity department. 

He also donates food and health relief items to widows, the aged, persons with disabilities, and street children, occasionally in Kwahu-Nkwatia. In 2022, Nana Owiredu Wadie I paid for new registration and renewal of the National Health Insurance for over 1,500 indigenes of Kwahu Nkwatia, Aduamoah, Abetifi, and Abene. 

These interventions aim at achieving SDG-3; Good Health and Well-being. Nana Owiredu Wadie I believes in building solid partnerships, which is one of the Sustainable Development Goals, and as such collaborated with Walkabout Foundation UK to distribute over 200 free brand-new custom-fit wheelchairs to persons with disabilities in Ghana, especially children with cerebral palsy in Nsawam, Begoro, Agona Duakwa, Takoradi, Ashiaman, Kumasi and Kwahu. 

This project tends to reduce inequalities-SDG 10. On September 21, 2023, the Eastern Regional Peace Council Secretariat honored Nana Wadie I with the prestigious Peace Ambassador Award. This recognition was conferred in acknowledgment of his impactful social and community development projects spanning the Kwahu Traditional Area, New Juaben Traditional Area, and Akwamumuman, all within the Eastern Region of Ghana.Against this backdrop, we propose Nana Owiredu Wadie I as a nominee for the esteemed role of Diplomatic Chief Bureaucrat and a fellow of the prestigious WODIF. 

His numerous developmental projects and their profound impact on diverse communities undeniably qualify him for this honorable recognition.

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