123-y/o Rwandan Regrets Being A Virgin, Now Desires A Partner After Rejecting Men When Young (Video)

123-y/o Rwandan Regrets Being A Virgin, Desires A Partner After Rejecting Men When Young (Video)

A 123-year-old virgin who rejected numerous men during her hay days has regretted her choices when young. 

Grandma Theresie Nyirakajumb says she is now open to embrace any man who expresses to have a serious relationship with her.

She explained that practices from their culture were so strong that it was very difficult to associate with the opposite gender, let alone to engage in amorous activities with them.

The taboo indoctrinated her being to the extent that she never developed feelings for the opposite sex, even when she finally became old enough to associate with men. She then rejected many suitors who were in her way.

“I had never had a boyfriend. Yes of course I am a virgin. I would think of it during my era but I wouldn’t take myself to a husband…. So now you can help me and bring me a man”, she said in an interview with Afrimax.

When she was young, men even proposed through her parents but Nyirakajumba rejected all of them for the ‘fear’ of the opposite gender. She felt not ready and waited to say yes when fully ready. Not even societal pressure could make Nyirakajumba soften her stance

“I didn’t want to engage with men. I had a strong fear of men and that prevented me from any potential relationship throughout my youth. I would see men coming to my hometown but I never developed a love for someone,” she added.

She added she was mostly occupied when young because she she spent most of the time weaving and doing other feminine tasks.

She is now “willing to entertain the options” when men approach.

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