AFRAM PLAINS: Chaos As Pantoon Fares Increase Outrageously.

Following the increase in all transport fares in Ghana as a result of rise in fuel prices, the Volta Lake Transport Company Limited has also introduced new transport fares which was effected on Wednesday, 1st June, 2022. 

The new Ferry crossing fares, attracting over 100 percent rise, has not gone well with various commuters and drivers who respectfully travel and work in Afram Plains, and has since its commencement created unpleasant scenes at the entry and exit points of the place.

A fraction of the commercial drivers who ply the various towns in Afram Plains have since decided to demonstrate against the management of Volta Lake Transport Limited to express their displeasure with the system. 

Majority of the drivers have also resorted to charging exorbitant fares from the passengers to compensate the amount they pay to cross the Afram to the other side.

In the course of the numerous agitations, the Manager of Volta Lake Transport, Mr. Jacob Doeso humbly asked all and sundry to be calm as he explained other causes of the outrageous prices of fares and other charges on the ferry.

“But for now these are the challenges we have at hand, but at the end of the day, we will want to assure that we improve our services. The apprehension is coming or has been compounded from the fact that our Pantoon have not been charged any effective new fare over the years, so please do bare with us, he,” he said.

Even after the explanation by Mr. Doeso, matters are not entirely resolved as drivers and sellers of ferry tickets exchange insults on a daily basis as a results of the high prices.

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