Nkoranza Brouhaha: What Really happened - Church Priest Vowed to Curse Killer of Albert Donkor.

A church priest who claimed to be the uncle of the deceased, Albert Donkor, the victim of the Nkoranza brouhaha has vowed to curse the killer of his nephew but for the fact that he is a priest he shall do no such thing.

The priest added that, the police have intentionally fabricated robbery reports against his family member just to take his life.

“If not for the fact that I am a Reverend Minister, I would have invoked a deity to curse the police for their fabricated ‘armed robbery’ report over the death of my nephew”, he said.

Albert Donkor was a 28-year-old Satellite Dish Installer and a second-hand clothing seller. He was arrested by the police on April 25, 2022, over suspicion of being part of a robbery gang.

According to the mother of the dead, the police reported to the family, two weeks after arresting Albert from his house, that Albert has died in a shootout with the police; somebody who is already in the police custody has died from shootout. She demanded nothing but his son from the police.

“Even if they bring me a room full of money, it can’t appease me. If they build me a mansion, it still can’t appease me. The same way they came for my son is how I want him now,” she said in local language Bono.

The youth of Nkoranza took matters into their own hands by clashing with the police. They have later appealed to the Inspector General of Police for justice for Albert Donkor.

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