‘I’ve become a recidivist after being to prison 4 times’ 30-year old woman laments.

Normally, people associate social vices like stealing and armed robbery to men but a 30-year old woman revealed in a YouTube video of Crime TV GH on January 25, 2022 that, it has become impossible for her to stop stealing. She started stealing at the early age of 7 years.

Allegedly, she disclosed that her father did not take care of her and other siblings of her because they were many. Her father gave birth with six different women which complicated their lives at the early ages.

The 30-year old woman was sentenced to spend two years in jail for the first time after stealing three pieces of clothes.

Again, she also spent nine months in jail for stealing 5 wigs from a certain shop, when she faced hardships in life.

The woman sorrowfully narrated that, sometimes it baffles her on how she ends up stealing again and again. She has tried severally to quit stealing but it has become difficult for her because of hardship and other factors she can’t explain.

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